Founded in 2005, Capstone Wireless’ goal is to provide a flexible and innovative way to provide logistical support for our clients’ needs and to help them maximize their wireless investment. As an eSteward certified electronics recycler, we comply with HIPAA standards on the proper and secure sanitation and disposal of our client’s wireless devices.

Our unique capabilities can provide a ‘centralized solution to a de-centralized problem’ of managing your wireless assets. From device repairs to replacement, application loading to staging and kitting, MDM to telecom expense management, we specialize in providing a complete solution no matter the size or complexity.

Through our automated e-commerce repair and depot service, we allow your personnel to focus on their core operational activities by managing their device inventory repair requirements and transactions. With real-time access to such needs as repair status, device inventory, software versions or daily snapshots of voice and data usage, we provide our clients with a very cost effective and efficient solution.







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